Data Resonance

⌈Abstract⌋ What does data feel like?
by Sander Dijkhuis

Data resonance

Sander Dijkhuis
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What does data feel like? Data Resonance makes the table resonate with surrounding Wi-Fi traffic. Qualities of the digital signals are translated to something you can feel. This gives you a sense of activity at the workplace that is otherwise quiet and hidden. It creates a feedback loop about your own network usage, and a new connection with the activity of colleagues.
Data Resonance is inspired by how the traditional shared workshop acted as an extension of the craftsperson’s body. You saw and heard your colleagues work, and awareness of their activity influenced what you did. Now that much of our creative work happens on the screen, we lost something. With Data Resonance, we become more aware again of colleague’s work in a calm way: we notice when someone is dealing with heavy traffic and when people are taking a break, or just tune in to the rhythms of data that flow through space.
- Sander Dijkhuis -