IxD&A #30, Special issue: On Making

Marti, P. , Frens, J. , Hengeveld, B. & Levy, P. (Eds.). 2016. Interaction Design and Architecture(s), special issue: On Making. ISSN: 1826-9745.

⌈Abstract⌋ Ask people about the great breakthroughs in human life and you will hear answers such as “when man made fire” or “the invention of the wheel” or “electricity”. All moments where humankind gained more control over their world through something “man-made”. Man is a maker. But even though the act of making in itself seems to be a stable, integral part of our being, how we make is far from stable. Moreover, with every new innovation new forms of making have opened up. We base this on the notion that ‘making’ and ‘thinking’ are thoroughly intertwined: our tools for making also shape our thoughts about making; we think through our tools and material.