Exploring constituents for kansei design, towards a framework

Levy, P. (2013). Exploring constituents for kansei design, towards a framework. In the Proceedings of 5th International Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Research, IASDR 2013 (pp. 148-159). Tokyo, Japan: Shibaura University of Technology.

⌈Résumé⌋ Next to the well-developed and recognized kansei engineering and kansei science, the discipline of kansei design still appears as emerging and explorative. In this paper, after presenting succinctly the theoretical basis of the first two disciplines, I compare them with and focus more in detail on the bases of kansei design, along with an inspiration in Japanese philosophy and culture. In order to structure further the discipline, necessary for the creation of a robust and specific design framework, I describe the constituents of the discipline, i.e., the notions the designers should take into consideration to either describe and explore kansei through designing, or to reflect upon and validate kansei designs (especially interactivity aspects). Finally, these constituents are illustrated by two kansei design projects showing their value and the current explorations done on the topic of interactive materiality in kansei design.