Gesture-based and Haptic Interfaces for Connected and Autonomous Driving

Terken, J. , Levy, P. , Wang, C. , Karjanto, J. , Yusof, N.M. , Ros, F. & Zwaan, S. (2016). Gesture-Based and Haptic Interfaces for Connected and Autonomous Driving. In I.L., Nunes (Eds.), Advances in Human Factors and System Interactions, Proceedings of the AHFE 2016 International Conference on Human Factors and System Interactions, July 27-31, 2016, Walt Disney World®, Florida, USA (pp. 107-115). Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.

⌈Résumé⌋ While user interfaces for in-vehicle systems in the market are mostly button- and screen-based, advances in electronic technology provide designers with new design opportunities. In this paper, we propose applications of these novel technologies for several aspects of the current and future driving context. We explore opportunities for gesture-based and haptic interfaces in three different areas: establishing shared control between the driver and the autonomous vehicle; providing situation awareness to users of autonomous vehicles while engaged in other activities; connecting drivers to fellow drivers. We argue that these interface technologies hold the promise of creating richer and more natural interaction than the traditional vision- and audio-based interfaces that dominate the current market. We conclude by outlining steps for further research.