Kansei-Physiological Measurements and Constructivist, Psychological Explorations for Approaching User’s Subjective Experience during and after the Product Use

Yamanaka, T. , Tomico, O. , Mizutani, N. , Yokoi, T. , Cho, Y. & Levy, P. (2008). Kansei-Physiological Measurements and Constructivist – Psychological Explorations for Approaching User's Subjective Experience during and after the Product Use. In the Proceedings of International Symposium on Emotion and Sensitivity 2008 - ISES08 ([on CD]). Daejeon, Korea: Korean Society of Design Science.

⌈Résumé⌋ This research explores the combinationof psycho-physiological measures and psychological explorations to illustrate user’s tacit factor while experiencing the use of products. As an experiment, we used a set of ballpoint pens for experience. The Repertory Grid Technology and EEG measurement, based on alpha wave fluctuation of left and right frontal brain, are used. The result carried an idea about the potential of using the RGT quantitative results as a bridge for linking qualitative data from the interviews with quantitative data from the comfort measures. Precisely, the quantitative data form the RGT allows for classifying and comparing qualitative information from different participants. At the same time correlate its values with other measurements like the comfort level. This opens the possibility to track the evolution of the comfortableness level in relation to the movements, actions and tasks done while interacting with the product. It also shows the possibility of rating and clustering the subjective information obtained from the RG (weakness analysis) in order to define which characteristics are related and which of the senses that take part of it.