MATiK, CMC design by Kansei Information approach

Levy, P. & Yamanaka, T. (2006). MATiK – CMC design by Kansei Information approach. In the Proceedings of Kansei Engineering and Intelligent Systems - KEIS'06 ([on CD]). Aizu, Japan: Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering.

⌈Résumé⌋ In this paper, we introduce the work-in-progress of the design a CMC (Computer-Mediated Communication) system called MATiK. The originality of this design is not only the result, i.e. MATiK, but also the Kansei Information based design methodology used to design it. The later uses intuition as a knowledge-sharing process among the design workgroup members. An original conceptualizing tool (the Evoked Metaphor) is introduced in the paradigm of the sharing knowledge process (the SECI Model) to allow members of the interdisciplinary design workgroup to work together upon individual and disciplinary differences. MATiK includes an original function simulating the “cocktail party phenomenon” in the information flow management system of the CMC. This new function improves drastically the quality of social aspects of communications over computers by taking into considerations subjective and social aspects of all the users. Therefore, this paper proposes to discuss the implications of Kansei on sharing knowledge to overpass the current limits of the information technologies, before introducing MATiK and its design process.