What matters for ritual visualization, towards a design tool for the description and the composition of rituals

Levy, P. & Hengeveld, B.J. (2016). What matters for ritual visualization – Towards a design tool for the description and the composition of rituals. In the Proceedings of Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research International Conference 2016 - KEER2016 (online). Leeds, UK: Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering.

⌈Résumé⌋ Our lives are highly shaped by rituals. The way we wake up, the way we prepare tea or coffee are two of the many rituals many of us have constructed. As they structure our everyday lives, it is crucial to understand how to design them from a kansei design perspective. This Research-through-Design inquiry contributes to a larger research of addressing the way to design rituals. An annotated showcase of three ritual design projects is proposed. From the analysis of these three projects, we suggest 11 points of attention for the construction of a ritual visualization tool. This tool is expected to be used not only to support the analysis and the assessment of rituals, but also to contribute to the composition of rituals, towards the design of experientially rich rituals from an interaction perspective.