Towards a definition of Kansei

Levy, P. & Yamanaka, T. (2006). Towards a definition of Kansei. In the Proceedings of 2006 Design Research Society International Conference, Wonderground 2006 ([on CD]). Lisbon, Portugal.

⌈Résumé⌋ This paper introduces a new research aiming at defining the term Kansei using western philosophical concepts. In the literature, all definitions of the term Kansei are imprecise, even incorrect in most of the case. This is mainly due to the fact that Kansei is a Japanese term, which does not have direct translation in any western language. However, a deeper research has to be pursued to bring the research in Kansei, in Kansei Information, in Kansei Science, and so forth to an international level. This objective requires many research fields to meet in an interdisciplinary research environment following the example of previous works done in other fields, but also trying to link Japanese and Westerns concepts. This paper is an invitation for interested people to contact the research team.